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Why APS?

Every organization has unique business and compliance requirements. We recognize this, and it is reflected in the holistic approach that we take to consulting. We have experience that few can rival, working with a wide variety of models and standards in many different environments.

We don't hire "consultants" - we hire experts who have established long-term successful track records actually implementing process models, not just talking about it. The result is advice that is objective, practical, value-added, and well-grounded in the realities of building and supporting long-term process improvement goals for your organization, with proven Return On Investment.

Our strategic and tactical consulting services will bring noticeable benefits to your organization from the first day you engage us:

  • We will assist you in translating your organization's business needs into process improvement strategies and plans.
  • We will perform RelevanceAnalysis - a unique approach developed by us, to prioritize the process improvement opportunities and identify appropriate models, methodologies and toolsets. We are capable of appreciating the costs and benefits involved in each approach, and we will work with you to identify the best solution.
  • We will strive hard to exceed your expectations and provide unmatched personal attention. We are committed to earning a long-term partnership with you.

Pioneers in process improvement in small organizations

We understand that the resources an organization would expect to be used to support process improvement efforts (appraisals, consulting, infrastructure building) would be a large percentage of a small organization's operating budget. We have fine-tuned our approach through several iterations, and today we are specialists in implementing model-based process improvements in small organizations and small programs within large organizations.

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